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Taxiway Lima was established in order to support governments and the aviation industry with relevant operational and strategic expertise. Accountability and flexibility by industry veterans.
What does set us apart from our competition? Contrary to our competitors, we all have been there, numerous times and long enough to realize that not every organization has the expertise in-house in order to progress to the next step. All our consultants possess a wealth of first and second line management experience in the aviation industry. We do not employ straight-out-of-university rookies so you always can rely on proven solutions, solutions that worked for us in the past and are specifically tailored to your individual problem set.
Taxiway Lima trades under the German Aviation Academy brand where most of our consultants also work as instructors and mentors to aviation managers world-wide. We thus combine theoretical and practical knowledge under one umbrella. Do contact us to test us, you will not be disappointed!

Industry News

May 12, 2017
Emirates reports 70% profit drop
In its annual report, the group reports a USD 670 million profit for the financial year ending 31 March 2017.

Apr. 25, 2017
Alitalia crisis mounts
Alitalia has called an extraordinary shareholders meeting for 27 April to ‘initiate procedures provided for by law’ after a planned recapitalisation was hit by workers rejecting cuts proposed in a new a labour deal.

Feb.22, 2017
Arik Air offer rejected
Ethiopian Airlines has reportedly rejected an offer from the state-owned Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) to take over management of struggling Arik Air.